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Jan 23 - Feb 8, 2024









Save Your Seat!

A three-week intensive filled with live workshops, homework assignments, and mini projects.

Dive into 3D modeling with Rhino, master visual coding fundamentals, and apply skills to real-world projects with me in this live online course. Experience personalized learning with class sizes capped at 16, interactive sessions, homework assignments, and the opportunity to complete individual projects. 2024 is the perfect time to elevate your proficiency in Rhino 8 and Grasshopper with practical, hands-on guidance.

In just three weeks you will be able to:

  • transform your architecture ideas into 3D models at a beginner to intermediate level
  • model efficiently and organized using templates, blocks, and Worksessions
  • confidently build your scripts in Grasshopper and know when to use Rhino modeling vs. coding
  • draft drawings and produce impressive renders your clients will love

What you will learn:

In Rhino, you will learn to:

optimize the Rhino interface and keyboard layout

  • efficiently model using workflows and best practices proven to save you time
  • use Rhino tools and techniques to 3D model geometric to free-form designs
  • edit and modify NURBS surfaces
  • 2D drawing techniques from technical annotations to presentation-level graphics
  • export your models from Rhino to other software
  • use materials, lighting, and environments to produce presentation-level renderings
  • create simple SubD models

In Grasshopper you will learn:

  • visual coding fundamentals from scratch
  • essential plugins and when to use them
  • efficient coding workflows to model fast
  • to avoid the most common errors new users make 
  • examples of Grasshopper automated tasks and how to make your own
Save Your Seat!

The Details:

  • Course Features:

    • live workshops and pre-recorded lectures
    • mini-projects as homework exercises to practice your skills
    • dedicated office hours for questions and troubleshooting
    • class recordings available for review
  • Dates: Jan 23, 25, 30, and Feb 1, 6, 8 (6 Live Sessions over 3 weeks + office hours) 
  • Time: Every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm PST (Pacific Standard Time)
  • Instruction time: 15 hours + office hours
  • Format: Online Class on Kajabi
  • Class Size: Maximum 16 Students
  • Software needed: Rhino 8 (Rhino or Mac)
  • Level of Proficiency needed: Unexperienced - Beginner
  • Last day to Register: January 21st
  • Price: 500 USD

13+ years 

Learn core lessons using my personal templates, tips and tricks from over 13 years in the industry.

15 hrs

15 hours of live instruction and workshops with weekly office hours.


Small classes limited to no more than 16 students.

Azhar's unique teaching method encouraged me to be curious and proud of my progress, it was really rewarding! 

Marina Aguiar
Architect and Software Developer

Easy and clear, Azhar guides you through the course putting a lot of attention on every doubt and question you have. I just want to say that is an amazing way to start your own way in parametric design!

Mario Najera
Architecture Lead

Azhar's courses were valuable in my initial journey into Grasshopper and computational design.

Manoj Nagarajan
IAAC Barcelona Masters Student

Real Projects - Real Results

Learn the skills I have used on projects with Zaha Hadid Architects, Studio Gang, Atelier Jean Nouvel, and more.

You'll master the fundamentals of 3D modeling and visual coding using real-world projects so you can see how these skills apply in the industry.

Tools for Success

Learn using my personal templates to keep you organized, my custom Grasshopper components and even my optimized keyboard layout.


Stay organized with my personal Rhino and Grasshopper templates.

Custom Components

Improve your coding workflow with my custom components that have helped thousands of users.

Tips and Tricks

My optimized keyboard layout, mouse tips and more to accelerate your learning!

Save Your Seat!

Azhar's willingness to reach out to each individual student to support their learning experience is the most valuable asset! I am very grateful for finding this course and will continue with others to follow! 

Elina Paula

Azhar has the best method on the internet: Short, Direct, and Organized. 

His explanations made my learning curve 5 times faster than watching YouTube! 

Mahmoud Ramdane
Founder, Afterwork Workflow

Azhar makes learning very easy and I think that is a quality that great educators share. He manages to present complex content into something easy to grasp.

Paola Otero
Cheif Product Officer


I've been using and teaching design tools for over 13 years and have been fortunate to work on projects with some of the best teams in the world from HDA, Zaha Hadid Architects, Atelier Jean Nouvel, Studio Gang, NBBJ, Architectonica, and more.

From skyscrapers, to bridges, to spacecraft, I have helped designers solve problems from 3D modeling and fabrication to environmental simulations and value engineering. I am looking forward to sharing what I have learned with you!

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  • 6 live sessions over 3 weeks
  • weekend office hours
  • small class size
  • interactive assignments
  • recordings available after the course ends