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proven skills used on projects with:

Parametric Modeling, BIM, and more! 

Popular Course

Parametric Modeling with Grasshopper

Coding for architects does not have to be difficult. Let me show you step-by-step how you can use Grasshopper  to explore your designs further. 

Popular Course

Environmental Design with Ladybug

Everything you need including my personal analyses templates to help you visualize weather data and conduct climate simulations.

Coming Soon!

Render with Enscape

Escape is perfect for architects who wish to use a simple visualization tool to professionally present their projects. This course covers everything you need to get started with renderings and videos.

What our Members Are Saying

"I am very grateful for finding these courses. After just a third of the Rhino course, I was comfortable enough to start designing my own concert hall project.


Architecture Student, Latvia

"The most effective way to get started with parametric modeling and environmental analysis. The Adobe course has made a big difference in how my projects are presented" 


Architect, Los Angeles

"Azhar's organized course made my learning curve 5 times faster than when I was trying to learn over YouTube! For me, he has the best method on the internet - Short, Direct, and Organized.


Computational Designer, Morocco

"An amazing way to get started in parametric design. Easy and clear, Azhar guides you through the course and answers any questions you have." 


Architect, Canada

"Azhar has a true understanding of what knowledge transfer is. During the courses, I never got tired, overloaded, or bored. He makes learning very easy.


Architect, Austria

"Even though I have been using Rhino and Grasshopper for some time now, I was still able to learn a lot of new skills. I signed up just to take the Ladybug course but ended up taking all of the courses!" 


Architect, Dubai

"I'd strongly recommend these courses for anyone wanting to start their journey in parametric design. Despite its complexity, Azhar makes learning these tools seamless and effortless.


Architect, India

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